What's That Peak?

Ever wonder what peak you are looking at? Are you out of range of cell coverage?
Use What's that peak?
​Point your phone at a peak and it will show you the closest peaks within range.
The app has a database of over 3000 peaks. Most are over 9000 ft in elevation. Not to leave anyone out, each state has it's 50 highest peaks.

The closest peak, based on heading and elevation, will be highlighted with a larger font.
Tap the screen to display more info on the highlighted peak.

Your waypoint library is mapped within the compass area. You can name your waypoints as you like. Use the same pointing method to see what direction your waypoint lies.

Dwatch Companion

Use this app to download waypoints to your Garmin device running the DWatch app
Use DWatch Companion to upload waypoints from a GPX file. Use your favorite mapping tool to create the GPX file - it must contain waypoint entries, i.e. <wpt lat="39.47859998" lon="-105.996439">
To use this app you must have Garmin Connect Mobile installed on your mobile device and DWatch app
installed on your Garmin device.