Dwatch Companion

Use this app to download waypoints to your Garmin device running the DWatch app
Use DWatch Companion to upload waypoints from a GPX file. Use your favorite mapping tool to create the GPX file - it must contain waypoint entries, i.e.
<wpt lat="39.47859998" lon="-105.996439">
To use this app you must have Garmin Connect Mobile installed on your mobile device and DWatch app
installed on your Garmin device.

As you approach a waypoint while running the DWatch app on your device you will be alerted to the distance and bearing of the waypoint

Using Garmin ConnectIQ Course creator

Navigate to https://connect.garmin.com/modern/courses select a course and edit the course. Add course points at locations of interest. Once complete, download the FIT file. Use Alltrails converter to read the FIT file and create a GPX file. Alternatively, Alltrails converter will add turn alerts (cues).

Using Alltrails converter

Navigate to https://www.alltrails.com/converter.
  • Upload a FIT file from Garmin Connect or a GPX course from your favorite course generator.
  • Select download as GPX Track
  • If you'd like Alltrails to add waypoints automatically, enableCue sheets
    • A maximum of 15 cues is supported
    • Set cue distance to 0 ft, the app will alert you 150ft before the waypoint
  • SelectConvert file
  • Ensure your created GPX file is on your Android device
      You can use a cloud drive like google.drive.com to easily move files from a computer to your Android device


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