There is now a companion Android app to upload waypoints to dwatch

DWatch displays an incredible amount of information on one screen while recording an activity. Get the app: apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/47ae634a-8303-41d6-ba41-9a4393660cc3
DWatch QR
The title screen shows your heart rate (1), number of notifications (2), phone connected (3), activity type (4) and battery status (5). You can choose to have either the current time or the current activity timer as the central display element. You can also choose to have the GPS turn on when you start the app so that your activity starts immediately, rather than waiting on a GPS fix.

Before starting an activity, tapping the screen will bring up an activity menu to set your current activity to walking, skiing, hiking, cycling, cardio and two custom activities. The statistics displayed can be customized.

To start recording an activity, press the right button. Once you start the activity the screen will roll through your specified data without any interaction. Total vertical ascent and descent will be added to your recording for all activities except cardio workout.

During activity recording, pressing the start button will enable you to end a recording and save or discard it, pause recording or continue recording.
After recording an activity, press the 'next page' button to view a summary of your activity. Use the next/prev or swipe up/down to scroll through summary

Each interval, specified in settings, will set a lap indicator in the recording as well as provide an interval status. While skiing, the app will detect riding the lift to add a lap interval.

The app requires the following permissions:
Using the app-settings function from your phone you can change a few attributes:

Field names:
Alt - Altitude in ft/m
Dsnt - Descent, vertical loss, in ft/m
Asnt - Ascent, vertical gain, in ft/m
Dst - Distance traveled in ft/m
Time - Time since start of recording (hours and minutes)
Start - Straight line distance to position at start of recording in degrees in ft/m
Brng - Bearing to position at start of recording in degrees
Lat - Latitude in degrees
Long - Longitude in degrees
Max - Maximum speed recorded in mph/kmph
Spd - Current speed in mph/kmph
Steps - Steps taken during current day
Floors - Floors climbed during current day
​Pace - minutes per mile/km

Customize your app
Change settings with your phone or computer within Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM).
1) select the device icon shown in the upper right area
2) select the appropriate device in the list
3) select Activities and App Management
4) select Activities and Apps
5) select Dwatch
6) select Settings
7) modify settings
8) select Done

Activities with GPS off
  • Cardio
  • Create your own
Upper fields are configured by app. Lower field is fixed as Time
Slower speed activities with GPS on
  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Create your own
In this mode, the upper and lower fields are configured by app settings. The upper fields are static, that is they do not rotate through pages. The lower fields rotate through 4 pages of data.
High speed activities with GPS on
  • Cycling
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Create your own
In this mode, the upper and lower fields rotate through 4 pages of data. These are configured through the app settings

Devices supported