MyBattery keeps tabs on your current battery usage and expected remaining time on current charge. The Time Remaining value will have a d for days or h for hours, e.g. 23d means 23 days, 14h means 14 hours
Get the widget at the Garmin App store here: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/a9c9b981-1f4c-4399-a270-7d6c7317893e
For best results, run this widget soon after charging your device. This is how it detects a new charge cycle.
Tap on the screen or the start button to view addition charge information. The second view displays discharge rates, the third view displays days per charge.
You can customize colors, the units to display and charge alarms using Garmin Connect. The charge alarm function only works when the widget is running while charging.
To get to widget settings run the garmin connect app.

Devices supported